01 June 2012

Brain Wars - by Mario Beauregard (2012)

Brain Wars is a fairly light review of findings battling against the reductionist, materialist view that all the 'mind-stuff' is illusion, nothing more than neurons firing.  Just 214 pages of text, it's an easy read, and I suppose it does a reasonable job of pointing out various scientific findings that indicate that one's thoughts, intentions and beliefs can have an impact on the brain and body.  There are chapters on neurofeedback, neuroplasticity, hypnosis, psi, near-death and mystical experiences among others.  In the conclusion Beauregard suddenly brings up quantum mechanics and nonlocality as a scientific basis for reconsideration of consciousness, which I found to be trivializing and a bit of a tease.

Anyone who has read much in the field will likely find little new information here, but it may be a good introduction for newcomers to this question of the role of mind.

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